August 27, 2021

It’s time to start calling it a dub, because Naruto: Naruto NEXT!

is finally going to be dubbed into English.

It’s a big deal.

The announcement of the dub, which will be available for free on streaming platforms on April 8, was made during a panel at Anime Expo on Thursday.

The panel was held at a booth for the anime at the Los Angeles Convention Center, and featured voice actors who have previously voiced Naruto characters, including: Hideaki Sorachi, Toshiro Mifune, Tomohiro Ishii, and Toshiyuki Toyama.

The lineup is pretty impressive, as they include the voice of Boruto himself, voice actors from the anime’s original Japanese dub, and actors who voice Naruto’s teammates.

The cast will also be returning for an episode titled “Sakura’s Return,” which was the last time Boruto and his team met with their respective chūnin, Sasuke Uchiha and Hinata.

The episode was dubbed for a Japanese broadcast, but we’ll have to wait and see if the dub will be a fitting homage to the Naruto universe.

Naruto: Naruto Next!

will be released on Blu-ray Disc, DVD, and digital formats on April 11, 2018.

The anime will also have a Blu-Ray Disc, Blu-DVD, and Digital Version on March 29, 2019.

NarutOmoi: Naruto Omoi, which is the title of a Naruto fan-made video game, is set for release on April 17, 2019 for Nintendo Switch.

Naruteru:Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations will be releasing for Switch on April 25, 2019, and for Wii U and 3DS on May 12, 2019 in North America, and May 19, 2019 and May 23, 2019 on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 in Europe.

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