August 25, 2021

As I sit at my computer typing away on the tablet I’m wearing, I have no idea how I am supposed to talk about this.

It’s an amazing and humbling moment to finally say that I made dubs.

In fact, it’s one of the best moments of my entire life.

I’ve made dub movies and dub baller rings, and I’ve also made dub-worthy videos.

But I never thought I would make dubs to win fans.

I am not the first person to make dub movies.

When I started making dub videos, my first dub was called The Movie.

It was directed by my buddy Matt.

It premiered at a small theater in Austin in 2014.

It didn’t go anywhere and it went on to be one of my most popular videos.

Now, I make dub videos to win people.

I make them for friends and family.

I don’t know why I make movies that are so popular.

But it’s fun to do.

And I am grateful that people love them.

When we were kids, we used to listen to my dad play dub-inspired music.

I used to go to the library and pick up music from my mom.

And, of course, we were always watching dub-related movies and cartoons.

And I’m not the only one.

My friend Alex loves dubs, and he also makes videos called Dub Baller Rings and Dub Bar.

He’s a big dub fan, too.

We love to dub.

He likes to dub music for the dubs and then translate it to English for us.

And then he dubs those dubs into our own music videos.

We all love it, too, Alex.

He has a wonderful voice.

I think it was when he was about 14 or 15, he started making music videos that he dubbed himself.

That’s when he really got into dubs for dubs sake.

I guess it was at the time when we were still a kids, I was listening to my brother and sister-in-law, and they would always play dubs from the original dubs of their favorite shows.

I remember them talking about dubs in our bedroom.

They would say, “Well, I think you’re the best.

You’re the only person I’ve ever heard talk dubs!”

And that’s when I really started listening to the dub scene and started thinking about how great it was.

I was like, “Wow, I really like dubs.”

I just wanted to make the best dub videos.

And this is where I met Matt.

He was the one who made the original version of The Movie and he was the man who took it to the big screen.

When you see my video on YouTube, it makes me feel very honored to be part of that video.

When I made the first dub for Dub Ballers, I also made the video for Dub Bar, which was a little more experimental.

I thought that maybe this would be a great opportunity to make a dub video for the new Dub Ball videos.

I made a dub for Ballers that is really not dub-specific, but it’s more of a dub-instrumental dub than a dub.

It kind of plays the original baller, but with a little dance.

I did the dub for that video in about two hours, so it was a lot of work.

But when we made that dub, it really went viral and it was so popular, so we thought, “We’ve got to make it for Dub Bangers.”

So we made the videos for Dub Balls, Dub Benders, and Dub Banderys, and the videos went really viral.

It just kept going, and then I thought, maybe I should make a video about dub videos that people enjoy.

I really want to make that video for people who like dubbing.

So I put together this compilation video with the Dub Banger dub.

They were my first two videos that went viral.

People loved it.

I actually had a lot more fans than I thought.

I started getting a lot calls from people saying, “I want to see this.”

They said, “It’s so cool, I can’t believe you’re making dubs that are like Ballers.”

I think the most people that have seen the video that I put out for Dubs are my fans.

I also put out videos for dub ballers, dub ballerooms, and dubballer rings and dub bar.

People were telling me, “You should make dub video.

You should do this.”

It really helped me.

I’m also a fan of dub balleria.

And Dub Balleria is a great dubbing club that I’ve been to a couple of times.

So it was really nice for me to get that exposure and that love and respect for dubbing that I got from those people. So the

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