July 21, 2021

By David FentonThe latest episode of the ‘Akira dub’ series is available to watch on the BBC’s website.

Akira has always been a character in the dubs, and the new series, entitled Akira, will mark the start of the series’ 10th anniversary in 2019.

Akahira was a powerful, skilled fighter who had fought alongside Akio, the former Shogun of Kanto, and fought alongside his sons, Tokugawa and Shiro.

His father was also a Shogun, but had been defeated and banished by his son in the early 20th century.

Akio returned to Kanto with his son, Tokuga, in 2028, and joined up with the Akira family, becoming the “King of Fighter” and fighting alongside them in various battles.

Akie is the most powerful fighter of the Akio family, having defeated Tokugama and Shō, the two Shogun’s sons, as well as other Shogun warriors such as Kojirō, Shō’s uncle, and Kōshirō.

Akikura is the only one of the family to have survived the war, but has become an enemy of Akio’s, a fact which has caused him great pain.

In the original series, Akie was voiced by Akira Takahashi, who has since gone on to do voice work for many other anime, including the upcoming The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky anime.

Akiko is a member of the group of Akis who fight in the Akiba-no-Majinbō, a ninja-style tournament held to test the abilities of the elite warriors of the clan.

Akiko was the first female champion of the tournament.

Akiyoshi is the second eldest son of Tokugasu and Akio.

Akiyoshi had grown up in a family of samurai who served the Shogun, and grew up to become a fighter.

He had joined the Akis as a young boy and, when Tokugasa was killed, left home to train with his father and become the Akikiras most powerful ninja, Akiyoshirō Akiguchi.

In 2020, he was the strongest member of Akiko and his clan, and later became the leader of Akihime, a small group of fighters who fought alongside the Shogun.

Akizashi is the youngest son of the two brothers, and a member on the Akijou.

He has been fighting with the Shogun for the past decade.

Akitake is the eldest son and the first Akis son to become the leader and leader of the tribe, and is a fierce warrior.

He is a skilled fighter with a strong will to succeed, and has trained with Tokugas and Shobogas clan warriors.

In 2032, he became the head of the Clan, and with Tokugi’s help, formed the Akizan clan.

In 2022, he returned to the Akisa clan to help take on Tokugura.

He was able to defeat Tokugasha, but suffered a major setback when the Shogun attacked the Akiza.

Akiguchi was the most prominent member of his clan in the years before his death.

He led the Akido clan for most of his life and was the leader until Tokugase died, when he became Hokkaido’s Shogun.

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