July 17, 2021

The search giant has been getting a lot of heat lately over the fact that its search results show you results from a company called HXH.

The search result is not actually Google, it is an ad-supported Google-owned service, which makes it more of a competitor than Google itself.

However, there is one problem with this: The ad-serving service is not Google’s own.

It is owned by Google’s parent company Alphabet.

And this is where the problem with HX, which has a lot to do with Google’s search engine, becomes very apparent.

While the search engine does show a result, the result is in fact from a third-party ad-buying company.

But this is not what Google is worried about.

Alphabet and Google’s business are in competition.

So how can this be?

According to the latest patent filing, the search results in question have to do, in effect, with Google.

Google’s patent filing reads, “If a user clicks a search result from a competitor’s website or other domain, the first search engine in the user’s search results list will be displayed as the second result of that search.”

And if the search result in question does not belong to the competitor, the user will not see it.

This patent filing was published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on Thursday.

So, what is the problem?

The patent filing makes it sound as if Google has found a way around its competitors’ privacy settings.

Google says that its own search engine will display the results of its competitors, but it will only do so if they do not use their own technology.

That is to say, Google will not display the first result of the search that a competitor has.

This means that Google can use the same search engine that it uses for its own product and search results.

Google is using this to the advantage of its own products, and the company wants its competitors to use it.

Google has an interesting strategy with this.

Google already owns the patents that cover search results, so it is not clear what it would do with the patent.

Google also has its own ads network, but its search engine is not its own, and it does not own ads on its own pages.

So Google’s strategy of making Google search results available to its own competitors is not going to work.

And the patent filing says that Alphabet is not interested in the patent at all.

It just wants to keep the patent secret.

That means that even if Google was to reveal its patent, it will still be unlikely to use the patent in the future.

So is Google’s problem with the search site in the U, India, India an isolated one?

In fact, it has an international business.

It has offices in Germany, France, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Brazil, China, Australia, and elsewhere.

But as far as the Indian patent is concerned, it seems that this is only the latest in a long line of patent disputes between Google and Indian regulators.

Earlier this year, the European Union ruled that Google had infringed patents that it had acquired in the European Patent Office (EPO) and other European Patent courts.

Google appealed the ruling.

And in December, Google and the European Commission finally reached a settlement over a patent dispute that is now pending before the European Court of Justice.

Google now says that the EU’s decision was a mistake.

“In fact, the Commission’s ruling is inconsistent with the fundamental principles of fair competition,” the company said in a statement.

The European Patent Court has ruled that the patent for the ‘Google Search’ search engine should be invalidated by the European Parliament, which is the European parliament’s highest court.

In fact Google has appealed the decision.

The company says that it will appeal the EU ruling in the EU courts, but has yet to announce an immediate date for its appeal.

And Google is not the only search company to be at odds with Indian regulators over patent issues.

Earlier in 2016, Google lost its case against Microsoft over patents it had obtained in Europe.

And then in May of this year Google filed a lawsuit in India in which it claimed that it infringed four Indian patents, including those related to the search technology.

These patents cover search, search results and other related technologies, but are not patents in themselves.

They have been used to protect other Google products, such as search engines, Gmail, Google Maps, and Google Search.

Google will now have to go back to the courts to win a ruling that the patents are invalid.

Google does not appear to have much of a plan for fighting this.

Its search engine and ads are owned by the companies that control them.

And these companies are the same ones that have also sued Google over patent disputes.

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